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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Relentless Pursuit: A Novel, by Kathy Herman

David C. Cook

Relentless Pursuit was a breath of fresh fiction air for this predominately fiction reader. After reading a couple of non-fiction books, it seemed like this one just flew by.

Relentless Pursuit: A Novel, by Kathy Herman

This is the third installment in the Roux River Bayou that has been great fun to read. This book takes the reader back to Louisiana, with all the flavors of the south including hospitality and wonderful Cajun food.  Many of the characters from the other novels play a role here, with Zoe’s long lost brother showing up, causing her much anxiety, while the town deals with a killer that laced arsenic in the food at a local buffet as well as several bottles of water. When a killer could strike anywhere, everyone is nervous, and Herman keeps you guessing almost to the end of the book.

Herman’s books make you feel like you dropped down into town and talk to old friends. The characters are warm and believable, as they attempt to deal with strain the way that God chooses to lead them. Great fun, clean reading, I’d recommend this book to anyone that loves a good mystery.

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