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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Deadly Aim, by Patricia H. Rushford

Baker Publishing Group, Revell

The story opens as Angel Delaney, a police office, and her partner arrive on the scene of a pharmacy robbery in progress. Angel chases the robbers out of the rear of the pharmacy, confronting one in a darkened warehouse. After the robber raises a gun, Angel shoots and realizes that he is a kid. When the boy dies, Angel's world falls apart, with the media and the boy’s relatives attack her and accuse her of being a racist.

This is an exciting, enjoyable mystery romance with a Christian theme. The themes of racial hatred and Christianity run through the book, while Angel attempts to deal with the emotions of the killing and issues in her life. Rushford keeps you guessing about the identity of the killer until the end of the book. Angel is an enjoyable character as she struggles to deal with shooting a boy, accusations of racisism, and her unstable faith. Female readers of detective stories with a romantic twist should pick up a copy of Deadly Aim. I can’t wait to pick up the next ones in the series, as well as other Rushford novels.

Published by Baker Publishing Group, Revell, on February 1, 2004.

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