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Monday, July 30, 2012

Lily, by Diane T. Ashley and Aaron McGrovern

Barbour Publishing

Lily is a young Southern girl in the years before the Civil War. Her mother was killed in a riverboat accident, and her father abandoned Lily and her sisters.  After the accident, lily and her sisters lived with her grandparents, but when her grandfather dies, her aunt and uncle pressure her to marry a widowerer almost twenty years her senior.  Aft asking for her dowry money from her grandmother, she purchases half of a riverboat and moves in with her sisters, much to the dismay of the other owner, a riverboat gambler. Negotiating agreements with her parter, her sisters, and the river as well as villains, keeps Lily almost too busy to fall in love and find the path the Lord has chosen for her.

The story is rich with the south and the problems facing the people of the day.  Lily's story is fun to read and affirming, especially for the women who has to choose to be alone rather than become unequally yoked. As Lilly attempts to make solid choices in her life, the application of passages of the Bible lift up the Christian reader and help to strengthen one’s choices today. I would recommend this for readers who enjoy historical romances with heroines who look to the Lord for their dtrength. This one is definitely appealing to the heart.

Received Galley from NetGalley.com

Published by Barbour Publishing, Inc. on June 1, 2012.

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