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Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Sister’s Forgiveness, by Anna Schmidt

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 A Sister’s Forgiveness, by Anna Schmidt, The Women of Pinecraft  Series, Book 2

Barbour Publishing
The story begins with two very close families, linked by the mothers who are sisters, on the day before school begins. Each family has a teen-aged daughter that will attend the same high school the next day. Though the mothers were raised in strict Mennonite families, they have different philosophies of raising their daughters and different choices on their lifestyles. When Sadie comes to pick up Tessa with her boyfriend, a moment of inattention causes Tessa’s death, and the resulting shock tears apart the families, marriages, and changes Sadie’s life forever.

This book caused me to cry and hurt for the families as I read this realistic story about how such a devastating incident of typical teenage poor choices caused a tragedy. Christians belief that they must forgive, but it would definitely take a strong person to live through such a situation. I read this book in one sitting. I recommend this book for mostly women from teens to mature. Great read that touches the heart.

Galley provided by NetGalley.

Published by Barbour Publishing on May 1, 2012.

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