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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Heresy: Ten Lies They Spread About Christianity, by Michael Coren


So, apparently, I need to do more in this blog than just report on the books that I read. I came to this conclusion after reading several blogs, and I see that it definitely makes them more interesting. Since I haven’t posted in more than a month, I thought that this would be an excellent time to make some changes. 

The month of May raced by, due to an extremely full schedule. I am a librarian in an elementary school, and as in any school, May is filled with end of the year activities and closing chores that must be completed on schedule. Added to that, I have a graduating high school senior, and a graduating college senior, church activities, and my other family chores including a garden with accompanying spring canning. In other words, my life was filled to the bursting in May. I had time to read, but I never got the time to post, so today, I’m making up for several of those posts that should have already been posted. 

I will continue to post each book separately, so that they are easier to locate. I also post to Goodreads.com and LibraryThing.com. I had forgotten about Shelfari by Amazon.com, but I intend to update my account there, and include all the reviews that I published on Amazon. If you are not familiar with these sites, you should check them out.  They are a way to keep track of books that you read, and they let you connect with other readers to share information and locate other books you might like.

Well, onto this month’s books. One of the reasons that I haven’t posted as often is that I read several non-fiction books. It seems that when I read non-fiction, I slow down, substantially, even though I find them very interesting. I guess when I get caught up in a thick plot, it read faster, and then there is the aspect of my getting so into the book that I can’t sleep.

Heresy: Ten Lies They Spread About Christianity, by Michael Coren, published by McClelland & Stewart on April 24, 2012.

Heresy is a book that should be kept handy by almost all Christians, today.  Too many of us today do not have a solid base in knowledge of our own religion. While we may read the Bible, some, and listen to the preacher when we go to church, often we are inundated with media that we accept as fact about Christianity. The media is often not well researched, and possibly even anti-Christian, and since our own base is fragile, we have nothing with which to rebut the information. We watch movies that have vague connections to Biblical facts, and we believe they are true, or someone challenges us about our beliefs and we can only give enigmatic statements that may allow others to loose interest in Christianity or even shake our own beliefs. Michael Coren has completed the research for the top ten challenges of non-Christians to Christianity. 

Coren, the best-selling author of fourteen books, as well as an award winning print and television journalist, uses his research ability and capacity for argument to defend Christianity on such topics as Jesus is a myth, Christianity supports slavery, is racist, anti-intellectual, and others. Coren gives historical background, and explains reasons for such attacks and presents information that solidifies defenses with facts other than the Bible. While Christianity is based on the Bible, history holds information that supports the Bible, and often Christians are unaware of the historical facts. 

This is a very interesting read and I would recommend this book for anyone interested in furthering their knowledge of the Christian faith, and all Christians to strengthen their beliefs and their arguments for those beliefs.

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