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Saturday, April 7, 2012

An Uncommon Grace, by Serena B. Miller

Touching Story of Changing Lives with Thrilling Mystery

Simon & Schuster
Grace Connor is a military nurse in Afghanistan when she receives an email from her sister asking her to return home due to her grandmother's heart attack. She has only been home a few days when an Amish neighbor, Levi, appears at her doorstep asking for help for his mother, a shooting victim. This is the beginning a compelling story that clashes an Amish man with the English lifestyle, making him question the strictness of the Ordnung that even forbids efforts to protect themselves with safety measures. Grace runs up against the strict laws when she attempts to care for Leiv's family, her grandmother and her teenage sister. Grace and Levi are attracted to each other, but they choose to ignore the response because of their religious differences, but a fate throws them together with storms, accidents, and a heartless criminal.

This book grabbed me from the first chapter as Grace seeks God's will for her life, then attempts to help her neighbors without stepping on their beliefs. The frustration felt by Grace in what she sees as pointless law, along with Levi's questioning of that same law is easy to understand and feel. An Uncommon Grace does not set the Amish lifestyle up as the perfect ‘Godly’ lifestyle that many see it, but pulls out questions that apply to all Christians in all faiths. Grace and her family use scripture to back up their beliefs, while Levi uses the ordnung.  This highly interesting book kept me up all night with the twists and turns. I would recommend this book for any Christian looking for a great read with many interesting plot twists that include thought provoking Christian ideals.

Received Galley from NetGalley.com

Simon & Schuster, Inc., Howard Books, published April 3, 2012.

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