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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Temptation: A Novel by Travis Thrasher

Temptation: A Novel by Travis Thrasher

David C Cook
I choose to read this book first, and then I realized that it was the third in a series, so I read the others first.  Now that I have spent my whole weekend immersed in this series, it is killing me that I have to wait for the last one for the resolution to the story. The series is an absorbing read, but they are definitely set in the mind of a teenage boy with teen angst and rebelliousness. 

The Surprises and Twists Continue

Chris Buckley and his mother moved to Solitary, North Carolina after his parents separated over the issue of his father’s faith. After months of pressure, Chris just shuts down. Forces to attend summer school, he believes that he is stuck when Lilly walks through the door. Then when she notices him, his angst turns to joy and he forces all the scary things out of his mind and focuses solely on Lilly. After his mother tries to commit suicide while on a drinking binge, Chris believes that he is on his own with total freedom. Behind the scenes, though, manipulation increases forcing him to open his eyes. 

In this third installment to Thrasher’s Solitary Tales, the mood lifts a little as Chris finds a new girl, but the level of evil increases. The surprises continue keeping the reader locked into the series. Still a good bet for anyone looking at the horror, suspense genre with the added benefit of a Christian slant and no blatant profanity or sex scenes.

Published by David C. Cook, April 1, 2012.

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