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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Illusion: A Novel, by Frank Peretti

Peretti, F. (2012). Illusion: A novel. New York, NY: Simon & Schuster.

Another Excellent Book from Peretti

A fiery care wreck causes the death of Mandy the female member of the magic team of Dane and Mandy, leaving Dane alone for the first time in 40 years.  Eloise awakes on a fairground under a tree with memories of the 70s.  After escaping from a mental ward, Eloise moves to Idaho where she meets Dane, who then hones her magician skills and starts her on the road to stardom.  Eloise learns to manipulate time and space, rapidly increasing her magician skills.  Dane and Eloise begin to notice idiosyncrasies in the information they receive from others, starting them both on a collision course with the truth and a rash group of scientists who are attempting to manipulate time.

After a slow, disjointed start, I could not put Illusion down. As usual, peretti tells a story through a mist that delays the reader piecing the puzzle together until the very end, leaving the reader wanting to read the book again just to see if clues were missed the first time through.  The book has an eerie sense of doom hanging over the characters as they attempt to put their lives back together and the reader does not know who is good or bad.  It takes a while for the plot line to congeal, but it is definitely a great read.  The major characters rely on their faith to uphold them through their trials, but the story itself questions how scientists attempt to play God themselves.  This book is highly enjoyable for those who enjoy less extreme science fiction with lots of technical elements thrown in.  Overall, another excellent book from Peretti.

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