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Friday, February 3, 2012

Supernatural Devices (A Steampunk Scarlett Novel: Bool 1)

Gow, K. (2011). Supernatural devices (A Steampunk Scarlett novel: Book1). The

Scarlett, the daughter of world traveling archeologists, sees more that most and is open to new ideas and oddities.  When family friend contacts Scarlett to return home from another boring trip, Scarlett is thrilled.  Her parents agree because they know and love Holmes’s, so she moves quickly to get home.  A thief steels Scarlett’s satchel from the steps of Holmes’s house kicking off a series of events that stretch even Scarlett’s mind and put her in danger.  Scarlett discovers that she has a lot to learn and discern from those around her, but then since she sees figures from the spirit world, perhaps she should not be too surprised.

This book is a fun read, and Gow's story line moves rapidly holding your interest hostage with the twists and turns.  Although the men in Scarlett's life imply that they would like to be intimate with her, Scarlett only kisses them. This is my first foray into the steampunk genre, and I was completely surprised at how much I enjoyed Gow’s book.  I would recommend this book to teens, or anyone, who enjoy vampires, mysteries, or love stories because Supernatural Devices is all that.

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