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Monday, January 2, 2012

Simply Great Breads

Leader, D., & Chattman, L. (2011). Simply great breads: Sweet and savory yeasted treats from America’s premier artisan baker. Newton, CT: Taunton Press.

Simply Great Breads is a wonderful authority of some of the lesser-known breads that home cooks do not often cook.  If you make your own bread, you will enjoy Simply Great Breads, because your repertoire will compound.  Daniel Leader is a professional baker, at his own bakery, and, in Simply Great Breads, he included recipes he uses in his own home.  When I travel, I realize that those of us who do not live in areas where we can easily purchase excellent artisan breads miss this pleasure.  Now, if you have the time, you can make your own.  Leader includes English muffins, bagels, and yeast pancakes.  Even if you have never baked bread before, the recipes are detailed enough that a beginner bread maker will achieve excellent results.

Happy New Year!

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