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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Honor Redeemed by Loree Lough

Lough, L. (2012). Honor redeemed. Nashville, TN: Abingdon Press.

Honor Mackenzie became a firefighter to honor her fiancé’s memory after he died in 9/11.  She was working hard to succeed in the fire department, when an investigative reporter published stories of Honor sleeping her way to the top.  Honor resigned to stay out of the limelight, training and working with rescue dogs. 
When reporter Matt Phillips meets Honor at the scene of a jet crash, they begin a rocky relationship due to the stories and Matt’s desire to protect his twin boys.  Matt uses his investigative skill to reveal the truth, but Honor’s past comes between them anyway.  Though the second in Lough’s First Responders Series, Honor Redeemed can stand alone.

The story is interesting and the characters pull at the reader's heart as they try to make difficult decisions.  The book leaves the reader with an overall sense of sadness as the main characters attempt to work out deep personal problems.  The story wraps up quickly, without much resolution.

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