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Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Accidental Bride by Denise Hunter

Hunter, D. (2012). Accidental bride, The.

Shay Brandenberger’s life is difficult.  She is a single mom, her ranch is close to default, and her relationship record is pitiful.  A friend pushes her into participating in a wedding reenactment where the groom turns out to be the man who left her at the alter years ago.  The situation turns serious when the reenactment turns out to be a legal marriage.  Travis McCoy, the groom, returned specifically to attempt to reconnect with Shay, and decides to take advantage of the accidental marriage.  They both seek God’s will in this series of events as it winds through their lives.

Although the premise is farfetched, the story is good clean fun.  Both main characters wrestle with real life problems and well described characters.  I particularly liked the couple seeking the Lord’s guidance and striving toward unity as they work through their personal feelings and problems. I rate this an above average romance.

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